Delicate floral and geometric shapes seamless pattern.
The image is a seamless pattern of floral and geometric motifs. The floral motifs are of pink and white flowers with green leaves. The geometric motifs are of brown and orange diamonds with intricate designs inside them. The background is a light brown color.
The image is a diamond-shaped stained glass window. The window is divided into four sections, each with a different design. The top section has a blue background with a white flower in the center. The bottom section has a red background with a yellow flower in the center. The left section has a green background with a white flower in the center. The right section has a yellow background with a red flower in the center. The window is surrounded by a brown border.
The image is a symmetrical design, with a central circle surrounded by four leaf-like shapes. The circle is orange and contains a smaller circle with a geometric pattern. The leaf-like shapes are also orange and have a geometric pattern. The background is white.
The image is a surreal depiction of a woman's face. Her eyes are closed, and her face is surrounded by a large, pink flower. The flower's petals are open, and they seem to be made of flesh. The woman's skin is also pink, and it seems to be blending in with the petals of the flower. The image is both beautiful and disturbing, and it seems to be exploring the themes of identity and transformation.
20 credits


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