20 credits

Delicate watercolor floral and bird pattern on a sage green background

The image is a seamless pattern of watercolor flowers and leaves. The background is a light green color. The flowers are mostly white, with some pink and yellow flowers as well. The leaves are green. The pattern is delicate and feminine.
a bird with a purple and green plumage, possibly a seahorse or seabird, flying or jumping over a cluster of small, irregularly shaped objects. the bird is surrounded by water droplets and a white background. the bird is in motion, and the background is a mix of light and dark colors.
The image shows a bouquet of white flowers with blue centers. The flowers are arranged in a cluster with green leaves at the base. The flowers have multiple petals and are in different stages of bloom. The image has a watercolor-like appearance.
The image shows a bouquet of flowers. There are three main flowers in the bouquet. The largest flower is in the center and is a light blue color with a dark blue center. The other two flowers are on either side of the large flower. They are a pink and yellow color. There are also several small yellow flowers in the bouquet. The flowers are all surrounded by green leaves. The bouquet is tied together with a brown ribbon at the bottom.


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