20 credits

Arrangement features two birds, one perched on a flower stem.

a vibrant floral arrangement with vibrant colors, featuring two birds, one perched on a flower stem and the other positioned towards the upper right corner. the bird is positioned in the center of the image, and the flowers are spread out in a dynamic and colorful manner.
a single flower budding plant with a white flower, a green stem, and a yellowish - blue flower. the flower budding plant is isolated and is set against a white background. the flower budding plant is a form of flowering, and the flower budding is a light - colored flower.
a colorful, abstract illustration of a person wearing a mask and a jacket, with a wavy, multicolored background. the person is standing and facing forward, and there is a small circular object near the bottom of the image. the background is not clearly visible, and the person is not wearing any other distinct objects.
a vibrant flower with a vibrant pink and purple hue, surrounded by its petals. the flower is isolated against a white background. the petals are spread out, and the flowers appear to be in a mix of colors, including pink, yellow, red, and purple.
a vibrant flower arrangement with vibrant colors, including pink, yellow, and green petals. the flowers are spread out and spread out, creating a vibrant and colorful arrangement. the background is white, and the overall colors suggest a mix of colors and textures.


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